Most of the radio and TV programs that Lynne has been involved with are information-oriented as opposed to entertainment-oriented. Generally, her role has been that of a producer, although she has also been talent and an executive. At one point in her career she was Director of Programming for a cable TV system and, as such, oversaw eight people who produced programming.

Programs Lynne has been involved with include:

            “Journeys Below the Line,” a DVD series underwritten by the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences that dealt with craft and technical jobs in the TV industry. Each episode used footage taped on the sets of major primetime TV series. The shows featured editors and script supervisors on Fox’s “24,” property masters on NBC’s “ER,” and the cinematography team of ABC’s “LOST.” As associate producer, Lynne helped organize and execute the preproduction and production process, logged shows, devised the curriculum material for the CD-ROM that accompanied the DVD, tested the program material with student and faculty groups, worked with the distributor, and, in general, helped with whatever needed done.

Lynne with the script supervisor and director of “24”

Lynne with the cinematographer of “LOST”

            “From Chant to Chance,” 45 half‑hour TV programs on the history of music taped at public TV station KCET. As producer, coordinating over 15 performing groups and 75 performing individuals, originally procured grant to do the series, handled subsequent revisions for reruns and airings on PBS stations in various cities, and occasionally performed.

Lynne with the hosts and performers of a Middle Ages music program           

“Surveying the Universe,” 45 half‑hour programs on astronomy produced at KHJ-TV. As producer, coordinated the series with the station, helped organize scripts, and oversaw editing.

            “Effective Living,” 17 one‑hour programs on health education taped at KABC-TV. As producer, handled talent, potential lawsuits, graphics, and coordination with the studio and subsequently handled the updating and editing of the series so it could be rerun as 30 half‑hour programs.

          Lynne on the set of the health show with the host and guests. 

“Guideposts to Literature,” a series of 12 children’s programs aired over KCOP-TV dealing with literature and aimed at junior high students. As hostess, performed, wrote the scripts, and gathered material from kids to feature on the program.


           Lynne receiving a humorous award for her “Guideposts” program