Lynne’s ancestors settled in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where she was born. Most of her ancestors were from Germany, but her grandmother on her mother’s side had roots in Italy. The ancestors were farmers (perhaps serfs) in their native country. After they immigrated, most of the men worked in Pittsburgh steel mills or other factories related to steel. The women had babies—and more babies.

Lynne’s father (back row) with his parents and two sisters

Lynne’s father’s family lived in what was called the North Side of Pittsburgh. Her mother’s family lived in a little town known as Sharpsburg. Her mother and father met when they both worked at a downtown Pittsburgh bank.

      Lynne’s mother (farthest right) with her parents and sister

Lynne and her husband, Paul, moved to California in 1959, one year after they were married, and settled at the beach. They had three sons; the oldest is now an engineer; the middle son is a lawyer; and the youngest is a social worker. Paul’s career was primarily as an executive in the aerospace industry.

Lynne and husband Paul with sons, in-laws, and grandchildren